Weekend Bits – Links I Love

Thanksgiving Day is the perfect excuse to take a break from healthy eating and portion control. Stay fashionable and eat BIG. Here is 33 pair of stretchy pants that make it easy to go back for seconds.

Skip the Stove Top; the blog, 7 on a Shoestring, compiled a list of 21 Thanksgiving stuffing recipes.

I’ve got a non-pie eater at my house so I’m checking out this list of 25 Thanksgiving dessert ideas that aren’t pie.

Is Santa real?  As parents, it’s a question that we will inevitably have to answer at some point. For me it could easily happen this year.  I LOVE this post from Pop Sugar Moms that gives you the perfect way to answer.

Want to get that smoky eye effect with your makeup for upcoming holiday parties?  Here are step by step details.

From the file of “Are you kidding me?” this list of the 15 most offensively named beauty products has me shaking my head.  ‘Iris I was Thinner’, ‘Hot Slut’ and ‘I’m Not Really a Whore’ are just a few that made the list.

Need a hold everything bag?  Totes!  If you missed Wish List Wednesday, here are a few of my favorites.

Oct10 014Happy Thanksgiving!

Weekend Bits – Links I Love

The Black Friday hype seems to be starting earlier this year than ever before.  We’re just over a week and a half away from the biggest shopping day of the year and many stores have already published their ads online and plan to open even earlier this year.  While it really irks me that Black Friday is turning more and more into Black Thursday, I can’t help but keep an eye out for great tech deals.  This link helps separate the stand out items from the so-so deals.

Leading up to Thanksgiving, you might organize your refrigerator so you have room for all those yummy leftovers.  These tips from Real Simple help you organize your fridge to keep items fresh.

Need some inspiration for your family holiday card?  There are 100 photo ideas to get you started in this post by Harvard Homemaker.

Impromptu gatherings are usually the most fun.  Domino Magazine tells us how to throw a cocktail party in under an hour.

Do you want to go all out with your Thanksgiving tablescape?  This pin from Nell Hill’s takes it to a whole different level.

Speaking of Nell Hill’s, I visited the Kansas City store last week and came away with some great holiday decor ideas.  If you missed my post on Friday, you can find it here.  

Have a great Sunday. Go Chiefs!