Spooky Halloween Decor

My kiddos are finally at ages that I can take a more creepy approach in my decorating for Halloween. Skeletons, crows, vultures, rats and spiders – they’re all fair game!  It’s easy and inexpensive to spook out your house.  Here are a few of my go to items:photo 2 - Copy

Michaels is my favorite craft store to shop for ghoulish stuff.  I use the crows and vultures above to perch pretty much anywhere for an instant spook factor.  Michaels also sells realistic looking foam skeleton heads that are cheap, light weight and easy to work with.

skullNo Halloween decor is complete without creepy cloth.  I use it on chandeliers, my mantle and sometimes my front porch.  You can find creepy cloth at Michaels, CVS, Walgreens and most Dollar Stores.creepy clothPlastic spiders can also be found almost anywhere and are perfect for putting on pumpkins and weaving into creepy cloth.spidersCall me twisted but I also love to frame eerie (but not gruesome) pictures to include in my displays. Below is the headless pic I used in my mantle display.  You can find the one I used and more here.

creepy picI then root around my house to find bigger props to include.  This time I used an old window frame and a mantle clock from my dad’s childhood home.  Cake plates, tarnished silver and candelabras also work spooktacularly.  I added a couple of black and white pumpkins to finish the look.


You can also invite a ghoul to your table.  I picked this plastic skeleton up at Walgreens, dressed him up in a thrift store suit and let him be head of the table in my dining room.photo (9)

These are just a few concepts to get the ideas brewing.  If you’ve got other great suggestions, feel free to share and remember to decorate if you dare . . .