A pottery or art party is a great theme anytime but especially for a winter birthday.  Kids love to create and it’s a perfect indoor activity.  The beauty of this party is that you host it at a pottery shop or art studio and the primary activity is already covered for you.  That leaves you time to focus on the fun stuff like party decor and favors. Here are some of my ideas along with a few visual gems from Pinterest. When I threw this party a year or two ago, I added the pajama twist.  We hosted our party on a Saturday morning at a local ceramic pottery shop.  The party guests were encouraged to roll out of bed and come paint in their pjs!

IMG_2101 - Copy

Invitations:  With a few scrap booking supplies and some paint brushes from the dollar store, you can put together the darling invitation below.  I suggest hand delivering these vs. mailing them to avoid damaging the invite.  If you don’t have the time or inclination to make invites, you can purchase a similar invitation here.

SONY DSCimage credit:

Decor:  Bright color drives the decorations for this party.  You’ve got budding artists to inspire!  And what’s a birthday party without balloons!?! The personalized aprons are a fabulous idea for designating your seating arrangement, keeping clothes clean and can double as a party favor.  Click here for an Etsy shop that sells aprons + personalization.  Or purchase a 12 pack of colorful aprons here and you can do your own iron-on transfer (Hobby Lobby has some cute options).

party tbl image credit:

Cupcakes:  Bring on the sprinkles! Party guests decorate their own cupcake with a palette of decorative, tasty toppings.  You can purchase the palette trays in bulk here.

cupcakeimage credit: Pinterest pin

If you prefer cookies over cupcakes, here’s another sweet idea that plays off the paint palette theme. You can buy the cookies from an Etsy seller like this one or do it yourself and buy this paint palette cookie cutter for only 3.99!

cookieimage credit: Paper Princess Studio Mellstrom

Party Favors: Your guests will get the pottery or artwork they created which is a super cute favor in and of itself.  If you want to add a little extra you can also give them a few art supplies (see below) or the apron I mentioned previously.

art bucket

image credit: Pinterest pin

For more pottery and art party ideas, visit my Pinterest board.