Weekend Bits – Links I Love

Daisy1The school year wrapped up for my kiddos this past week and we’re all looking forward to the lazy days of summer.  It won’t be long, though, before I hear the dreaded words “I’m bored” (oh, to have such problems!).  To curb that conversation, I plan to print this free summer bucket list template and have them fill it out so that when they utter that phrase we have a game plan.

When the weather warms up, my hair goes up along with it.  A bun is my favorite go to hairstyle during the summer.  It’s easy to get the casual, messy bun look with this step by step guide.

Beauty benefits of booze?  I saw this headline and had to check it out.  I’ll admit I was slightly disappointed to read that the benefits were gained from using it topically versus digesting it but it’s still worth the read 🙂

I found my own “look for less” this past week and had to share.  I picked up these lace espadrille flats at Kohl’s that look pretty darn close to this Valentino version (but over $400 cheaper).

I have a friend who says her house is always 10 minutes away from being able to host guests.  That’s a lofty goal for me (two kids, two dogs, need I say more?) but this daily cleaning plan might be a good starting point.  It promises that dedicating just 30 minutes a day will keep your house tidy.

This summer, I really want to fix salad (and just salad) for dinner at least one night each week.  First up is this spinach salad with chicken, avocado and goat cheese. Yum!