Weekend Bits – Links I Love

For those continuing the deal shopping marathon known as Black Friday and Cyber Monday, I bring you this resource for your planning purposes on Sofa Sunday.  It’s one of the better deal round ups I found broken down by category without a lot of fluff.

Got a fridge full of turkey? Check out these 10 dinner ideas that won’t taste like leftovers.

It may sound silly but one of the first things I purchased once I had a real job right after college was Lancome makeup (definitely a 22-year-old girl move).  I was tired of the drugstore brands I’d worn during high school and college.  I wanted the quality stuff!  It turns out sometimes the CVS products are just as good.  Here’s a quick list of beauty products to save on and splurge on.

Looking for a holiday hairstyle for an upcoming party?  I found 14 ideas on the Cosmo beauty blog.

Dogs aren’t called man’s best friend for nothing.  From my ‘random file’, here are 20 reasons why you need a dog in your life.

Looking for a hostess gift idea?  Here are some of my favorites on Wish List Wednesday.