Scandinavian Inspired Summer Party

asummerimage: Robert Wojtowicz photography

Today marks the longest day of the year. To celebrate the summer solstice, I’m sharing the ‘Scandinavian Summer Party’ I styled last year for a Pinterest contest sponsored by La Crema Winery. Like most people, I love using the virtual pinboard but I had never heard of a Pinterest contest. When I found out I could dream up my ideal summer party and possibly win prizes or the chance to bring my party to life, I couldn’t resist! I ended up being one of their top 10 finalists which was a huge honor.

I decided on a Scandinavian inspired party because their lifestyle tends to be relaxed, peaceful and yet very sophisticated (all the things a summer party should be!). As I was daydreaming and looking at pins that would represent these attributes, I came across one that I knew captured the Scandinavian spirit perfectly.


All the pins for my board followed this “key ingredient”. I chose the gorgeous, rustic tablescape below because the neutral colors on the tables let Mother Nature be the star of the show.

tablescapeimage: at first blush and co

A hand written menu on brown paper bags filled with a baguette continues the clean, natural theme but is still beautiful and effortless.

amenuimage: Sacramento Street

Flowers from your own garden fit the elegant simplicity of the Scandinavian lifestyle.

flowersimage: Style Me Pretty

Forget Swedish meatballs, salmon is the taste of Sweden. I would serve tapas style appetizers like the ones below.

asalmonimage: IKEA Magazine

My dessert of choice was this Brita cake which is popular in Sweden and Finland.  It has a meringue like crust and is filled with layers of whipped cream and berries. Delicious and light, this is an amazing summertime dessert.  Find the recipe here.

britta cake
When the sun goes down, lights strung through the trees add to the intimate ambiance.

alightsimage: Martha Stewart Weddings

As I entertain this summer, I’ll be focusing on creating the intimacy, comradeship and contentment that is Hygge.  May the spirit of Hygge fill you in every season!

To see my entire Scandinavian summer party Pinterest board click here.  Thank you to La Crema Winery for sponsoring such a fun and creative contest. Cheers!