Weekend Bits – Links I Love

We bought my dad a Keurig last year for Christmas, which I have to say is probably one of his all time favorite gifts.  Seriously, the man even takes it along when he and my mom go on vacation (at least the car trips). My husband was actually the one that picked it up for my dad and he has been envying it ever since.  He finally took the plunge and bought one this weekend (he had a 30% off coupon from Kohl’s which made it a great deal).  So this Sunday morning we’re both enjoying hot cups of our favorite brew and I’m becoming a fast fan.

Speaking of coffee, are you a warm-hearted but oblivious cappuccino or a reflective but indecisive latte?  Here’s a fun chart  that breaks down what your coffee order says about you.

Not sure what to wear today?  Here are 50 fall outfit ideas to steal right now.

Haunted houses are fun and frightening to visit during Halloween but would you buy a house that was supposedly haunted?  Here are the ten most haunted houses on the market right now.

The weather is getting chilly which means it’s soup season.  Here is an easy recipe for one of my favorites, butternut squash soup.

Cooler weather also means it’s time to snuggle up in sweaters.  I shared some of my favorites on Wish List Wednesday.

And from the Misty Morning tumblr blog, my favorite Halloween pin of the week – kitty hat:

kitty hat

Happy Halloween!