Weekend Bits – Links I Love

I hope everyone is enjoying a peaceful Sunday morning.  I’m savoring a free hour or two before I head back out to the soccer fields to cheer on my son’s team.  It’s just enough time to put together my weekly roundup of favorite links.

A denim shirt is fashion do this fall.  Here’s a pin that shows you 8 different ways to wear it.

Chocolate is my weakness but Skinnyms. gives us some guilt free options with these 5 recipes for chocolate treats under 230 calories.

While furniture shopping, have you ever wondered if a sofa or chair will fit the space you have in mind? This space planning and decorating app helps you plan out furniture for the rooms in your home.  You can also add “EYELINER” to your space, which is their code word for flair.

A dash of leopard can elevate and everyday outfit from so-so to chic.  Here are 9 fabulous leopard loafers from the blog Note to Self.

Have you bought your Halloween candy yet?  Better review this list first of the least favorites from the Stir.

I didn’t check anything off my fall bucket list this weekend but I still have time, right?  If you missed my favorite things to do in the fall, you can check out my post here.