Weekend Bits – Links I Love

hot cocoaImage credit: Amelia

Cozy was my mantra this week as I started to update my house after the holiday decor came down. The polar vortex has luckily moved out but I know there are more frigid days ahead.  I’ll be ready to console myself with these 5 hot chocolate recipes.

Dance makes me happy, whether I’m a spectator or participant, so this link of an older couple getting their groove on blew me away.  They’re incredible!

Trends vs. classics when it’s comes to fashion?  I vote for classics with a splash of trend.  My favorite pin of the week features a smorgasbord of classics to consider as you update your wardrobe for 2014.

I’m a huge fan of the crock pot and recipes that don’t create a mess in the kitchen so I’ll definitely be trying out some of these healthy one-pot meal ideas.  And there’s 25 to choose from!

I wish I had started this next idea when my kids were little.  It’s a birthday interview guide to ask your kids each year on their big day.  It’s a great exercise to make sure you’re recording those precious little nuggets they come up with and you’re only doing it once a year.

I was stalking Pinterest this week to get ideas for making my house feel warm and cozy.  If you missed the post with my favorite ideas, you can read it here.