A Golden Birthday – Wonka Style!

Your golden birthday happens only once in a lifetime when you turn the age of your birth date.  My daughter, who explained the concept to me a few years ago, turned 11 last December 11th.  So the pressure was on to put together something golden.  And what could be more golden than the ticket that defined Charlie and the Chocolate Factory?


The invitations might have been my favorite part of this theme.  What kid doesn’t want to find a golden ticket in a candy bar?  Luckily I found this amazing graphic designer on Etsy who can customize a wrapper and golden ticket for you (click here for details).  The golden ticket that you tuck inside the wrapper is the actual invitation with the party details. Make sure you buy the candy bar you plan to wrap before you order so that you know the dimensions you need the template to be.  I had the wrappers and tickets printed at my local UPS store and then my daughter hand delivered the chocolate bar invites.

When party guests arrived, we had a bubble machine (from Party City) on the porch and a speaker tucked away playing tunes from the movie (Oompa Loompa, Pure Imagination, etc.).  I also would have lined my walk with lollipop balloons like the ones below had the ground not been frozen (curse of the winter birthday).

lollipop-balloons7image: the House that Lars Built

Remember the contract from the movie that each child had to sign before entering the chocolate factory (and the words got smaller and smaller)?  As each party guest arrives, they’ll get a kick out of signing the same agreement (assuming their parent isn’t an attorney).  Find the template here and then mount in on a piece of cardboard.contract1
We decorated our basement ceiling with colorful paper lanterns and fake candy.

paper lanternsimage: The Little Big Company

The pièce de résistance is the candy buffet.  Vibrant, festive and not to mention, delicious, it’s all about the chocolate and candy.  We had a chocolate fountain set up with lots of treats for dipping.

candy bar

There are so many fun options for games but here are the four that I used:Wonka games

1. Golden egg – wrap a golden egg (raid the Easter supplies if you need to) in multiple layers.  Play music from the movie and have the party goers pass the golden egg.  When the music stops, whoever is holding the egg unwraps 1 layer.  The person that unwraps the golden egg wins a prize.

2. Laffy Taffy pull – Purchase 1 Wonka’s Laffy Taffy for every 2 children. Break them into teams of 2. Each team will tug on opposite ends until the taffy rips.  The team with the longest stretched out piece of taffy wins the prize.

3. Release Veruca Salt from the Blueberry – Purchase a pack of purple balloons. Put folded pieces of paper into each purple balloon with only one having a picture of Veruca Salt and blow them up. At GO, everyone will start sitting on the balloons to pop them. Whoever finds the balloon with Veruca Salt in it turns her back to normal and wins the game.

4. Augustus Gloop donut eating contest – Have two helpers hold a string with a donut strung on it.  Each child gets a turn to eat their donut without using their hands.
Other great game ideas: Violet’s bubble blowing contest, Burping contest, Wonka trivia

Party Favors: I used the adorable idea below as my inspiration for our party favors and filled their bags with gold chocolate coins and plenty of Wonka candy.

gold thank uimage: BellaGrey Designs

For more Wonka party ideas, visit my Pinterest board.