Project Runway Birthday Party

“Make it Work!” – Tim Gunn

A Project Runway party is the perfect theme for the budding fashionista! It’s an easy one to pull off and you can host it at home (which can be a blessing or a curse depending on your perspective!).photo 2

I happened to have a vintage dress form that we could decorate. Hobby Lobby and JoAnn’s both carry metal forms and they’re a cute addition to a girls room after the party is over. For our dress form, I made a black tutu which was super easy and required no sewing. You can find a 5 minute YouTube tutorial here. Then add some fun accessories and you’ve got a great party prop!

This theme was all about the activities. The first “challenge” the girls faced was to create an outfit from the mystery materials we gave them. We put the girls in teams of two; one girl was the designer and the other was the model. Each team was given a paper sack filled with newspaper, duct tape, scissors and glue. Most craft stores have tons of duct tape in cool patterns and colors.

photo (2)The models then walked the runway to show off their outfit while the designer explained what they had created. The girls blew us away with their imaginative designs and accessories!

Winter 2012 020 (1)After the fashion show, the girls each designed their own purse. In the spirit of Project Runway, the purse had to be created from a jeans pocket. Before I started cutting up all my husband’s old jeans, I looked on Etsy and found a seller with 20 (pre cut) jean pockets for sale. Bingo!

photo (4)Prior to the party, my daughter and I went to our local craft store and bought fabric remnants, ribbon, feathers and other embellishments (look in the discount bins). You’ll also need several bottles of fabric glue.

photo (5)I did have a couple of helpers on hand to glue the black upholstery trim for the purse strap (trim can also be found at craft stores). Extra hands and glue guns helped it go much faster. Below is the denim pocket purse my daughter made. The fun thing about this craft is that it can double as one of their party favors!

photo 1

Another fun activity for this party theme is a fashion magazine scavenger hunt.  Create a list of items to find like green heels, hat, the word Fashion, painted toenails, fancy dress, etc.  Form 2-3 teams and have them search magazines to find, cut out, and glue their items to a poster board. The team that collects the most items on their list wins!vogue

In addition to their denim pocket purse, each girl took home a goody bag filled with candy and a travel sized sewing kit complete with a cloth tape measure (from the Dollar store).sewing kit1

This party is as much fun to plan as it is to throw.  And who knows? You might just jump start the career of a future fashion designer!

For more ideas for this party, check out my Project Runway Pinterest board here.