Weekend Bits – Links I Love

I love flea markets and second hand shops and this new site (HuntersAlley.com) allows me to indulge my obsession from the comfort of my own sofa.  It’s kind of like Ebay meets Etsy but with stunning photos and fun features like ‘Valentines for Lovers and Haters’ and ‘Cheap Thrills – products under $50’.  Welcome to your new time suck!

Yes, you’ve been reminded over 100 times during the past week that Valentine’s Day is approaching so here is reminder 101:  if you haven’t picked up cards for your loved ones yet, here is my favorite roundup of punny and quirky ideas.   ‘I like you a latte’ and ‘You’ve stolen a pizza of my heart’ are just a couple of examples that will either make you laugh or groan.

If you’re looking for an alternative to candy for your child’s class valentines (how many Fun Dips do they really need?), here are 36 no candy valentines that are so cute the kids won’t mind.

Winter has a way of doing a number on my nails.  They chip, peel and generally look unattractive so I plan to try at least one of these three nail treatment suggestions.

Crummy weather does give you time to work on projects around the house.  If you’ve got a bare wall, consider transforming it into a gallery of your favorite photos or artwork.  Here are 58 stylish ideas to get those creative juices flowing.

The Winter Olympics are officially underway.  To get you in the spirit of the games, you can put yourself on the bobsled team and experience what 5 Gs of force feels like going down the track by clicking here.