Farmers’ Market

Labor Day weekend is traditionally a time to savor the last days of summer.  What better way to celebrate the season than with a trip to your local Farmers’ Market?  Early Saturday morning we loaded the kids in the car and went out in search of fresh veggies and fruit.

photo (2) - CopyI love browsing the different booths and talking to the people who actually planted and grew the food.  It’s also a great opportunity to learn tips for selecting the best produce. For instance, I learned that when choosing blackberries, you should look for the ones with the largest drupes. The drupes are the tiny little balls that make up the blackberry. The larger the drupes, the sweeter the fruit!


The kids had fun picking out their own vegetables.  My daughter loved the idea of eating carrots that look like something out of Peter Rabbit vs. the organic baby carrots we usually buy from the store. You always hear that kids are more likely to eat food that’s good for them when they’re involved in picking it out and/or preparing the food. Honestly, I think the same goes for adults. Something about going to the Farmers’ Market makes me want to eat more healthy.


Summer is winding down but I plan to savor the seasonal produce until the farmers pack it in!

photo (2)