Weekend Bits – Links I Love

may dayimage: Chasing Fireflies

When I was a wee tot, I loved picking flowers for May Day, leaving them on a neighbor’s porch and then “dinging and dashing” away.  Most of the time my little arrangements included dandelions but it was the thought that counts, right?  Help your kiddos out by printing out the cone and tag in the picture above with this template from Chasing Fireflies.

The warm weather we had this past week (and the fact that swimsuit season is only 5 weeks away) has me looking for lighter recipes.  I tend to get stuck in a rut when it comes to salad ideas, making the same few favorites over and over.  I’ve been searching for some new options and first up is this Romanesco & Chickpea salad recipe.  I’ll definitely be adding the optional smoked salmon and soft boiled eggs – yum!

Got leftover Peeps and peanut butter cups from Easter last weekend?  This never seems to be much of a problem at my house but I do love these 10 creative ideas for using leftover Easter candy.

Cinco de Mayo is just around the corner.  Check out this  colorful “Nachos” bar for a fun way to celebrate.

Speaking of Cinco de Mayo, here is the latest margarita recipe I plan to try in my quest to find the best.

Magazine pages, records and postcards are just a few unique things you can decorate your walls with. Here are 11 alternatives to artwork.

Win, Place or Show…here are my tips for hosting a Kentucky Derby Party.