Dancing With The Stars – Week 5

“Most Memorable Year” was the theme for last night’s dances on DWTS.  It’s one that is used in almost every season and it typically gives the viewers more insight into the celebrities’ lives.  There are always some tear jerker moments.  I wish no one was eliminated on this night because it seems borderline cruel to give someone the boot after they’ve just shared such personal stories.  But last night not only did they still eliminate someone, host Tom Bergeron kicked things off by saying based on last week’s votes alone, one of the female celebs would likely be the one to go.  I’m sure the producers thought this was some way to add a little extra drama and pressure but I found myself thinking it was pointless and kind of stupid.

As promised, it was female celeb, Christina Milian, who was ousted.  Having scored the first ’10’ of the season for her Cha Cha (28/30 total), the only way to interpret this is that she simply was not getting the votes.  Based on the comments I read on Twitter, she just never connected to the audience. Interestingly, she has over 1 million followers on Twitter (which is usually a good sign) but they must be watching The Voice and not DWTS.

Jack Osbourne shared the fact that he was diagnosed with MS only a couple of weeks after the birth of his first child.  He is easy to connect to and I usually like his rehearsal packages.  I did think he was a bit over scored for his Waltz (27/30) but the judges seemed to be in a generous mood overall last night. Side note – I thought Cheryl’s hair looked the best I’ve seen it.

I’m really not enjoying Leah Remini.  She’s kind of like a Debbie Downer for me.  We all know she’s not a trained dancer but she keeps reminding us.  I’d rather she take Bill Engvall’s approach – show that you’re loving the experience and keep improving.  She and Tony danced Contemporary and it kind of landed with a thud.  Apparently, the judges thought so too giving her 22/30.

Speaking of trained dancers, Corbin Bleu is simply amazing to watch.  His Foxtrot with Karina was excellent and I didn’t see any hip hop posture creep into the dance.  I also have to say that I absolutely loved when Karina defended herself when Carrie Ann accused them of doing a lift (which isn’t allowed in the Foxtrot).  Karina said her toe never left the floor.  Go girl!  Score – 28

Bill Engvall danced next and he is a perfect example of what a non dancer should do on this show. Throw yourself into it 100%, charm the audience and go for it.  Bill is not getting outstanding scores, but respectable scores.  He got 24/30 for his Viennese Waltz dedicated to his wife of 30 years.

Nothing against Snooki, but whoever decided she should dance to “Work Bitch” by Britney Spears to represent the year she gave birth to her son missed the mark.  I doubt she or her partner, Sasha, picked it so I can only assume the show wanted one more current day song in the lineup (Leah dance to “Roar” by Katy Perry).  Song choice aside, it was a spunky little Jazz number and she managed it fairly well.  Score – 27/30 (a little high if you ask me)

Brant Daugherty and Peta danced a Contemporary routine dedicated to his father who is deceased.  It was tough to stay dry eyed during his rehearsal package.  The dance itself was a little bit of a disconnect for me because while I loved the choreography, I didn’t think it matched his story.  Score – 27/30.

In the category of “I didn’t know that”, we found out Amber Riley once auditioned for American Idol only to be rejected.  Not long after, she auditioned for Glee and landed the role of Mercedes Jones. She and Derek danced the Foxtrot last night and were admonished for lack of content by judge Len Goodman.  He scored them a ‘7’ but Bruno swooped in with the save giving them a ’10’.  Total score was 26/30.

Finally!  A rehearsal package from Elizabeth Berkley that I enjoyed!  I’ve made no secret that she has my favorite pro (Val) as a partner and I’ve been dying for them to show some kind of chemistry.  The footage of her baby, Sky, hanging out at rehearsals and spinning around on the floor with Val was adorable.  I like seeing her mom side; it makes her more relatable.  She and Val danced the Jive in a spoof of one of her most memorable Saved by the Bell scenes.  I didn’t think it was her best dance but I didn’t care because I finally felt like she and Val connected.  Score – 26/30

Reasons to cheer – opening number (again they nailed it), the personal stories

Reasons to jeer – DWTS posted a graphic at the end of the show with voting numbers for each couple and they were WRONG.  This doesn’t make a difference for the die hard fans that know their celebs’ number but it does for the general audience.  Completely unacceptable!

On to week 6 . . .