Communication Arts major who landed in the Financial Services industry right out of the gate.  Spent about a decade learning that annuities and mutual funds don’t make my heart sing before I took a break to stay home to enjoy time with my little ones.  When I jumped back into work life, I discovered that project management and business writing translate beautifully to event planning and blogging.  Cue career change.  And wait . . . I can also be creative?  Finally it all makes sense (at least some days!).

My Confetti Crush is an outlet for capturing the things that I love like fashion, entertaining and design.  Come hang for a bit. Everyone needs a little confetti in their life.

10 Random Facts About Me

1.  Raw chicken makes me gag.

2.  I love a good flea market find.

3.  My dream job would be naming Ben & Jerry’s ice cream flavors.

4.  A good book is one of my favorite escapes.

5.  My idea of camping is staying at a Bed & Breakfast.

6.  I wish I was a healthy eater but instead I add time to the workout and hope for the best.

7.  Yoga is my therapy.

8.  It’s next to impossible for me to eat Mexican food without also having a margarita.

9.  Dancing with the Stars is my go to guilty pleasure show.

10.  I have two mischievous pups named Biscuit and Daisy.pups

For any inquiries about My Confetti Crush, please contact me at kirstenwalden30@gmail.com.

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