Weekend Bits – Links I Love

Spring is still two weeks away but early March teases us with a mild day here and there and I am so ready for it!  What I’m not ready for is spring cleaning.  I haven’t gotten bit by the bug just yet but I did find this spring cleaning checklist for those of you that already feel the urge to clean and organize.

I’ve had my eye on this pave link bracelet from J. Crew but wasn’t sure I wanted to pay the $125 price tag for costume jewelry.  But thanks to the blog, In Their Closet, I found cheaper alternatives here and here.

If you watched the Oscars last week, you saw all the gorgeous red carpet looks.  Here is my favorite round up of the best dressed gowns for less.

Preparing meals can seem like such a chore and my family is trying to reduce the amount of processed food we eat.  We’re finding that having a meal plan is half the battle.  My husband (because he likes to eat) and daughter have taken on the task of meal planning for the family and I’m loving it.  They found these pre-made meal plans from 100 Days of Real Food and it’s proving to be exactly what we needed to get started.

I do believe that friendship is one of the best gifts you can give yourself so I thought I’d share this article on the 5 types of friends everyone should have (and be to others).

Getting ready to take a Spring Break trip?  I found these free printable packing lists categorized by the type of trip you’re taking (beach, cruise, ski, etc.).

Happy Sunday!

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