Weekend Bits – Links I Love

I’ve been working on a Super Bowl party post for the blog this week.  I’m finding so many yummy and downright sinful recipes that I can feel my effort to be a health conscious eater going completely off the rails.  (*Warning* carb watchers should proceed to the next paragraph)  Just to give you a sense of these tormentors, here’s a chicken taco twist recipe that combines a few of my favorite things: french bread, chicken taco filling and cheese.  It looks wicked good!

It’s a holiday weekend so that means that there are lots of deals to be had, my friends.  This is my favorite round up of sale alerts.

Speaking of shopping, this one comes from the “Say what!?!” file.  Amazon has filed a patent for what they’re calling “anticipatory shipping”.  They plan to reduce delivery time by shipping you something they believe you plan to buy before you actually buy it. First the news of flying delivery drones, now this?  Amazon is starting to scare me a bit.  I plan to pop things in and out of my virtual shopping cart just to mess with them.  Read the entire article here.

On to more thought provoking subjects… like a lot of people, I typically save hats for bad hair days. But here are 6 hairstyles (with how to’s) that look adorable under a winter hat.

I’m a little behind on that 31 day home organization plan I shared with you a few weeks ago but I am going to organize my closet this weekend.  Here is a fun 2 minute video that shows one closet done three different ways.

If you have a mini Picasso at your house, an art or pottery birthday party will be a hit.  My latest party post offers some tips and inspiration.

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