Weekend Bits – Links I Love


Christmas is in the books and New Year’s Eve is just a few days away.  This blog completely agrees that no NYE bash is complete without a little confetti.  Step up your sparkle with these push-pop confetti poppers…love!

It’s not too late to host a get together for the big evening.  A good playlist, some sparkling wine and a few friends are all the ingredients you need for a great night.  Here are 11 party tips to keep the fun and ditch the stress (recipes included).

Evite’s guide to setting up a bubbly bar that glitters is a must read when preparing to host your party, large or small. 

The New Year holiday is a natural time for self-reflection.  If you’re ready to dig deep, here are 35 questions that will get you started.

Phone apps are great but can they really help you be more organized?  These 5 apps claim they’ll help you organize your closet.

Winter has barely arrived but if you’re ready to think spring fashion, Vogue has you covered.  Here is their guide for Spring 2014.


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