Dancing With The Stars Premiere Recap

Wow! DWTS season 17 is officially underway and the premiere did not disappoint.  With a great lineup of celebrities for the show, they also had a star studded audience.  Jennifer Lopez, Ozzy and Sharon Osbourne along with several cast members from Glee were on hand to support various contestants.  It was almost as fun watching the studio audience as it was the dancing.

Random highlights from the night:

The opening number – loved it!

The audience chanting “Bill! Bill! Bill!” after Bill Nye the Science Guy finished performing.

Jennifer Lopez and boyfriend, Casper Smart, chair dancing and yelling words of encouragement during Leah Remini’s Foxtrot performance. JLo also wiped a tear or two at the end. I didn’t realize until this past week that Leah and Jennifer are BFFs.

Val Chmerkovskiy’s chest (#sorrynotsorry)

Head judge, Len Goodman, comparing Snooki to a pocket rocket and looking dumbfounded when everyone was laughing at him.

Sharon Osbourne getting teary following Jack’s performance.

Bill Engvall’s claim that he wants to be the “Redneck Ballroom King”.

Valerie Harper’s performance – enough said.

Lowlight of the night – Len telling Bill Nye that watching him dance was like getting a wax job “painful while it happened and lovely when it was over.”  You knew Len couldn’t get through an entire episode without baring his teeth.

As for the actual dances, I thought it was stronger than we typically see out of week 1 performances. Corbin Bleu and Elizabeth Berkley both did amazing contemporary routines and tied for 2nd last night with scores of 24. The top scorer, Amber Riley, surprised me by nailing the Cha Cha. Christina Milian showed some skills in her contemporary routine and made me think she might be able to dance with the big kids.

Brant Daugherty, Leah Remini, Jack Osbourne and Nicole “Snooki” Polizzi all gave solid performances and were closer to what we usually see week 1.  I was pleasantly surprised by Bill Engvall who obviously took his training seriously and gave a respectable performace. Keyshawn Johnson, on the other hand, shocked me because of how stiff and uncomfortable he looked (I don’t think he’ll be following in the dance footsteps of Emmitt Smith and Hines Ward). Valerie Harper won the hearts of everyone with her elegant and inspirational Foxtrot (cancer aside, this is a 73 year old woman showing she’s still got some moves!). Bill Nye was so awkward that it was charming and he is clearly a fan favorite already.

On to week 2 . . .

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